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1)Free sample?

Please kindly contact us,small Battery cell samples can be provided For Free.

2)Delivery time

1)Samples: (Depends on cells/ Battery pack)approx 3-15 working days
2)Bulk orders:(Depends on qty/whether busy season)approx 25-50 working days

3)Payment terms?

Usually By T/T or LC,DP,OA etc can be negotiated.


ISO,SGS, UL,PSE,CB,CE,IEC62133,UN38.3,MSDS etc certificates and reports,had utility model patent certificates and title of High-Tech enterprises.


1)Samples: UPS,Fedex,DHL or other special lines
2)Bulk order:By Sea or Railways,but clients requirements.


AGM are Over 17Years Rechargeable Battery Manufacturer with automate machines and skilled workers,can provide a complete battery solution program.


For Industrial standard usually 12months,can be negotiated for 3-5years,depends on chemistry and prices.

8)After-sale service?

Before sale,Order,After-sale good services

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