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Power saving methods for digital battery ?

If you are using a non-matching Battery or do not pay attention to saving, the Battery will run out when you do not take a few photos. The following methods can save Battery usage:

1, to avoid frequent use of flash: If you are not a professional photographer, unless it is invisible fingers of the night, the intensity of ordinary daylight for the general digital camera, is sufficient.

2, try to avoid unnecessary zoom operation: zoom camera lens stretch, very power consumption. You can move more, with "manual zoom" instead of "camera zoom" to save power.

3, do not let the display has been lit: If the power is not the case, you can close the LCD screen, with the viewfinder to adjust the picture composition, for a digital camera, LCD should be the most power consumption components, Digital camera, in the closed LCD screen can be used when the time is about 3 times the original length.

4, less continuous shooting and video: as far as possible with continuous shooting function and motion picture video capture function, because the completion of these functions is the use of the fuselage built-in cache to temporarily save the picture, the power consumption.

5, Should not frequent open, shut down: Many users know that the display has been lit very power, so in use in order to save power, frequently open, shut down. In fact, frequent open, shut down the waste of power may be more than the consumption of the display screen, especially for the larger aperture, but also need to significantly expand the camera, the switch is very power. Most digital cameras have automatic shutdown options, this setting should not be set too short, or easily lead to frequent open, shutdown. Of course, people also should try to avoid frequently open, shut down.


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