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How do I use a NiMH battery?

Ni-MH Battery incorrect charging will have a serious negative impact on Battery performance, in order to more effectively use nickel-metal hydride batteries, should pay attention to the following matters:
1, pay attention to the temperature of the charge, which is all the key aspects of the charging factor, usually in the nickel-metal hydride Battery manufacturer product specification specified in the temperature (0 ~ 45 ℃) environment charge, lower than the specified temperature will make the battery internal Charging is not normal, resulting in power recovery performance continued to decline. And in the case of higher than the provisions of the temperature, there will be the case of hot batteries, severe leakage may occur, the flow of light yellow liquid;

2, the battery constant current charging, began to try to avoid trickle charge, from beginning to end with trickle charge mode will affect the battery characteristics, especially after the big discharge can not be enabled. But the constant current charge should be set after the trickle charge mode, to recharge, in order to achieve the full activation factor, the purpose of supplementing the loss of electricity; 3, a single nickel-metal hydride batteries after the use of the best charge immediately, do not first charge with other batteries , Because the end of the discharge of nickel-metal hydride batteries into a certain time likely to cause the battery over discharge, the formation of short-circuit plate, resulting in permanent damage to the battery;

3, the best choice for charging the battery can control the charging current and time of the smart charger. If the non-smart charger only rely on their own control of charging time (because not set the control of the ordinary charger is easy to form overcharge).


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