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Lithium polymer battery safety issues

All Lithium Polymer batteries, whether previously or later years, include: Lithium Polymer batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, etc., are very afraid of the Battery internal short circuit, the Battery external short circuit, overcharge these cases.
Because the chemical nature of lithium is very active, it is easy to burn, when the Battery discharge, charging, the battery will continue to heat up, the activation process of gas expansion, the battery pressure increases, the pressure reaches a certain extent, , That will rupture, causing leakage, fire, and even explosion.
In order to alleviate the risk of lithium-ion batteries, the technical staff to join the elements can inhibit the active lithium (such as cobalt, manganese, iron, etc.), but these can not fundamentally change the risk of lithium-ion battery.
Ordinary Lithium Polymer battery in the case of overcharge, short circuit, etc., the battery may occur inside the temperature rise, the cathode material decomposition, anode and electrolyte materials are oxidized and so on, which led to gas expansion and battery pressure increases, when the pressure reaches To a certain extent after the explosion may occur. The polymer lithium-ion battery because the use of colloidal electrolyte, not because of the liquid boiling and produce a lot of gas, thus eliminating the possibility of a violent explosion.
At present, most of the domestic polymer battery is only soft battery, aluminum plastic shell to do the shell, but the electrolyte has not changed. This battery can also be thin, its low temperature discharge characteristics better than the polymer battery, and material energy density and liquid lithium batteries, ordinary polymer battery is basically the same, but because the use of aluminum plastic film, so more than ordinary liquid lithium light. Security, when the liquid just boiling when the soft package of aluminum plastic film will naturally drum or rupture, the same will not explode.
It should be noted that the new battery is still possible to burn or swell, security is not foolproof.
So we use a variety of lithium polymer battery, we must pay attention to safety.
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